Operations:  Operations and work flow are generally in a constant state of change as a hospital outreach program grows and changes. Volumes will make it necessary to change how things are done as well as customer and opportunity needs.  Everyone has also come to understand the ongoing change to healthcare delivery that we face daily.  This is sometimes difficult but it is necessary to evaluate operations regularly and make changes as required.

About Services

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Sales and Marketing:  Selling outreach laboratory services consists of two parts; the marketing of the program, which consists of branding, generation and update of appropriate materials and schedules, advertising, etc. and the actual knocking on doors in order to ask for the work.  It is important to put together a cohesive plan in order to effectively attack and dominate within the hospitalís catchment area.  A complete review of fee schedules, requisition forms, insurance matrix and other strategic aspects of the outreach operation is generally necessary in order to build an effective sales and marketing plan.

Logistics:  Service is a key component in providing a successful outreach laboratory program and the logistic elements of this are important to the overall satisfaction of clients.  Couriers must be organized, on time and professional; supply delivery must be timely and accurate; stat pick-up must be reliable; specimen handling and routing must be accurate and precise in order to preserve the integrity of the specimens.  On the back end the delivery of results must also be accurate and timely and performed in a manner that is competitive with commercial laboratories.