Client Relationship Management
CORMS is a software suite built to make competing with other laboratories easy and successful, building on the existing resources and using standard HL7 transactions, regardless of your Laboratory Information System. The product allows systems that are not designed for outreach services to seamlessly deliver competitive clinical reports, track distribution to a variety of devices, manage the client base, and use available data to improve patient care and ultimately the profitability of the laboratory. Our concept is to utilize the interfaces (ADT, Orders, and Results) that have already been developed. Once the interfaces are implemented to CORMS we are able to provide the products listed below.
CareTinuum’s unprecedented suite of technology, professional services and depth of expertise, help laboratory partners improve and grow their business while positively impacting patient care.
About Our Products
Building Your Business
Integration Engine
Reporting Engine
Call Center Module
Physician Office Connectivity
Data Warehouse
Supply Management
Requisition Print Module
OutReach Billing
Statistical Analysis

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